"Entertain All Possibilities" Campaign

When Windstream wanted a new way to sell their high-speed Internet service, they gave RTC a blank page. We took on the challenge, from naming the service to logo design and creating a 360° campaign including TV spots, direct mail, print, banners and website.


"Know Where to Look" Campaign

Finding the right health care coverage can be confusing and frustrating. RTC used that insight in a lighthearted way to make sure AARP's members know that AARP is ready to be a friendly guide, helping them get the coverage they need.


"Luxury Has Progressed" Campaign

To win the Le Mans (Audi has 10 times) timing is everything. RTC used timing, insights and data to deliver the right messages to the right prospects at the right time — moving the 2011 A8 and the Audi Brand — into the first tier of luxury automobiles.


"P&G Everyday" Campaign

By bringing to life those moments we too easily take for granted, we help P&G engage mom and family as they interact with the broad range of P&G brands. Whether it’s getting the kids to help with the dishes, or looking your best while being close to those you love, trusted P&G brands meet the everyday moments that make each day special.


"Quitters Do Win" Campaign

Turning an old adage on its head, Windstream encouraged customers to quit using cable. RTC got the message out that when it comes to getting quality phone and Internet service, for a price that will save you money, Quitters come out ahead.


"Advisor Advantage" Program

How does a global firm with trillions of dollars' worth of assets under management connect with independent financial advisors? RTC responded with an integrated campaign offering advisors free access to powerful decision-making tools and timely financial analysis from senior BlackRock managers. Plus a luxurious BlackRock fleece blanket.


"The Power of You" Campaign

For Time Warner Cable, RTC introduced America to innovations such as broadband Internet service, wireless modems, HDTV and DVRs. Sure, you take them for granted now, but that's because RTC showed you them first.